Fourth post: Social Marketing Brands and Risk

When a cosmetic brand goes social, they must develop a social strategy that is focused on generating positive online opinions and recommendations from users. Word of mouth has become a far more effective and frequently utilized source of brand image influence, versus traditional marketing methods.  A 2012 study concluded that brands choosing to ignore social media or become inactive on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook risk losing existing and potential customers, and generate an overall negative view of the company from many. The same survey also noted that 44 percent of people have bought something as a direct result of a recommendation on a social platform.

Below are some suggestions from Outmarket on how to best utilize social media in ones business operations:

  • Integrate social media with your CRM system to track and record engagement levels
  • Integrate social media with company website, press releases, emails, and other marketing platforms in order to operate with a cohesive, multi-channel presence
  • Use social media to monitor and respond to consumer’s buying patterns

A study by Constant Contact Research, shows the influence that social media platforms have over consumer decisions:

  • 56 percent of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand after ‘liking’ them on Facebook
  • About half of consumers say they are more likely to then buy a product after ‘liking’ a brand on Facebook doing so,
  • 6 in 10 people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to recommend that brand to a friend.
  • About half of the brand followers on Twitter are more likely than others to then have purchased items by that brand
  • 14 per cent of consumers claim they are more likely to buy a product or service if they see their friends have positively commented or ‘liked’ it on social networks

One example of a brand that’s successfully implemented social media to their advantage is Benefit Cosmetics. Benefit reaches millions of fans online, with a total of 400,622 Twitter followers, 1,649,522 Facebook fans and 9,173,562 YouTube views.

As social media has become a necessity for cosmetic companies worldwide, it is important for smaller and growing businesses in this industry to not fall victim to these most common social media pitfalls:

  • Not having a solid social media strategy
  • Failing to develop a unique voice for your brand
  • Being sales-oriented instead of genuine and relatable
  • Not performing cross-channel social promotion
  • Failing to leverage the power of CTAs (calls to action)

If companies keep these points in mind when developing a social media strategy, they are taking the first step towards success. Please comment below. Can you think of any more pitfalls that companies fall into when first starting out in social media?


3 thoughts on “Fourth post: Social Marketing Brands and Risk

  1. Thanks for the mention of OutMarket! We love sharing tips on how to better use social media marketing for business results. Cheers!

    Stacey Miller
    Senior Social & Media Relations Manager @OutMarket


  2. Interesting point about integrating social media with your CRM system to track and record engagement levels. Cross-referencing those who are your active followers with those who have made purchases will give you a great read on who is engaged at multiple levels and on multiple platforms.


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