Third post: Mobile Applications

In the cosmetics industry, there is so much potential for interactive social media applications. Information on the following applications was retrieved here:


This application not only helps one easily discover the latest beauty trends, it offers tutorials for things like hair, makeup, and nails. Users create their own profiles and socialize and share with other users. Products can also be purchased directly from the application.

Perfect 365

Perfect 365 is described as the ‘must-have’ for the biggest fans of photo sharing via social media. This application allows users to edit and enhance their own photos – aka Photoshop!

Total Beauty

Total beauty lets users share reviews of over 45,000 products. With so many different cosmetic products on the market, it can be hard to know which is the best for your money. This application can help to eliminate the displeasure of buying a new product only to be disappointed with it.

These are only a few of the social media applications out there that relate to the beauty and cosmetics industry. Success is seen by frequency of use and amount of activity. L’Oreal’s Facebook page has shown proven success through information sharing and product promotion. Dior  favors the use of eye-catching photography and a vast video archive of tutorials and images. TREsemme has attempted to really connect with users by sharing behind-the-scenes videos and images, letting followers into their world.

The popular cosmetic brand Smashbox (owned by Estee Lauder), recently partnered with Blipper to host a virtual shopping experience at a UK catwalk show. This allowed users to view the fashion show on their mobile devices, while also having the opportunity to directly purchase Smashbox products.

I think one of the coolest applications is L’Oreal’s True Match application. True Match is the product name for one of their most popular foundations. The application is designed to help users find their perfect foundation color match. Matching one’s own foundation can be really hard, and is often a guessing game. To think that an application can analyze your face and choose the right shade for you is pretty cool! If you do not have an Apple brand device, the True Match application is also accessible online.

It seems that the majority of these applications are geared towards Apple products, and aren’t always available for other mobile platforms, such as the Andriod. I would recommend that any brand creating their own cosmetic application should make sure it is accessible via as many different platforms as possible, in order to gain as many users as possible.


3 thoughts on “Third post: Mobile Applications

  1. Katie, I am always seeing ads on Facebook and other social media platforms for apps in regards to beauty. One app-trend I see happening are photo apps that actually apply makeup to a regular photo of you and enhance your look for sharing across other social media platforms. This day and age, photo editing is something people live by even more so than makeup. I definitely am going to give the L’Oreal True Match application a try and then visit my local CVS and see if it was accurate 🙂


  2. Beautylish sounds like a neat application that I would get use out of…. I am always looking for different makeup ideas since I tend to be somewhat plain in my makeup approach. It is fun to find new ideas for different eye makeup techniques. I usually search Google for ideas for special occasions or a girls night out but I’ve never thought to look for an actual app! I will have to check this one out – glad you posted about it. 🙂


  3. Katie,
    I’m gonna have to try some of these apps. Especially L’Oreal’s True Match app. It’s amazing how far technology and makeup has come. Who would have thought that there would be an application that could compare a current photo of you, and match it with the best foundation for your skin color and more. Thanks for the great information.


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