Module 5 – Social Media Application

Research has shown that consumers, who are connected to brands via social media sites, are 79% more likely to purchase from them as opposed to other beauty brands with no social media presence (Marks, 2012). Most importantly to beauty brands, is that social media should be treated as a way to connect themselves and interact with people, not just a media platform where they can personify their own message (Yeomans, 2014).

With respect to the cosmetic and beauty industry, Instagram is emerging as one of the most popular social media applications due to high engagement levels and ecommerce-encouraging format (McDougall, 2014). As of early 2014, 93% of top beauty brands were present on Instagram, compared to 63% only 7 month prior (McDougall, 2014). This shows how fast Instagram is growing. The recent launch of Instagram ads and video could soon find the social media application generating more revenue than Twitter (McDougall, 2014). Users images of a brands products can help them to push sales when linked to hashtags or shared on other social media applications or even the companies website, demonstrating real-word uses of their product.

MAC is one brand that should be noted for their success in social media, thanks to their seamless integrations between in social media channels and brand website (Yeomans, 2014). Brands such as Dior and Chanel followed closely behind MAC, due to their video and image based content. Other brands worthy of nothing are L’Oreal, Givency, and Clarins, who are at the top of their game despire showing lower levels of social media shares amongst followers (Yeomans, 2014).

Estee Lauder’s digital blog, resembles a magazine in that is has stories about beauty, style, iconic models, and even baking, as well as product reviews and recommendations (McDougall, 2014). Visitors are welcome to post their own videos reviewing an Estee Lauder product, where users can then give feedback as to whether or not such videos were helpful (McDougall, 2014). Estee Lauder forms partnerships with popular bloggers and vloggers, helping them achieve the fourth largest e-commerce presence in a variety of countries globally (including the US, UK, and France.) (McDougall, 2014). Blogs are important tools, as they are twice as likely to drive product purchases than magazine ads (Mincher, 2013).

Below are the most popular cosmetic brands, ranked by their social media scorecard index. The score is determined by research done by Stickyeyes, an online marketing specialist. They based their scores on how brands engage with others via social media, their benefits thanks to these interactions, and the use and frequency of all social media content (Hewitt, 2014). To increase ones score, the brand needs to utilize all major social media applications to the best of their ability, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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One thought on “Module 5 – Social Media Application

  1. Great post on beauty! I find myself needing to go check out the different social media pages for each of the brands that you mentioned! I love make-up but find that I never have a lot of time to indulge in it like I used too! I don’t follow a lot of different brands on social media although I do try and keep up but anymore things change so much that it is almost impossible! Great information and well written!! Thanks for sharing!!!


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